What is Chinese Medicine & how does it work?

November 19th, 2010

Acupuncture is part of a 3000 year old, Chinese-based, medical system which works with the body’s energy, called qi (pronounced chi). Qi is the the vital life force which flows throughout out bodies. When we have pain, disease, discomfort, or any type of symptom, it means that our body’s qi has become stagnant or blocked. The goal of acupuncture is to release the blocked energy, create a free flow and balance one’s qi. When our qi is flowing freely, our bodies are in balance and, we can regain our health. Other important branches of Chinese Medicine include: Herbal medicine, food therapy, tai chi, massage, feng shui, and spirituality. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is still professionally practiced today in China.

Acupuncture meridians (channels) have specific points that provide a particular function in the mind-body-spirit. These meridians energetically connect the body together. By utilizing this system, the free flow of vital energy (qi) for health and well being can be regulated. Stress, pollution, trauma, emotional strain, poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, bad habits, surgery, and overextending oneself cause the flow of qi to be stagnant and imbalanced. Acupuncture restores the free flow of qi within blocked channels. These blockages can manifest as various signs and symptoms that weaken the body and increase susceptibility to disease and pain.